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Places to See in Birmingham

Women love to wear jewels and here is the place called Jewelry quarter that sells antique jewels accounting about 40% of U.K market. Here you can get the hallmark jewels from various vendors speculating various collections. Any form of art is appreciable and visiting a place that showcases the talents gives immense pleasure. Go ahead to visit places like Ikon Gallery, Barber institute of Fine Arts, Library of Birmingham and lot more places holding masterpieces in this vacation.

Are you a nature lover? Then, going to the places like National Sea Life Center, Safari park, and Botanical gardens gives the pleasure of divinity. Are you craving to have fun with snow and ice sports? Then go to Snowdome to have an enthralling experience of skiing, skating, and visit the place during the special occasions to have seasonal surprises also.

Are you a person who enjoys adventurous activities? Then, land at the best theme parks to make the vacation cherished forever. You can go to Drayton Manor theme park to enjoy many rides and get a chance to visit the zoo and Tamarin trail in the nearby locations. Gear up to visit many places in Birmingham before you bid goodbye to your favorite holiday destination.